יערה	מן


Main fields of interest:

Gender equality

Labor market policies

Spatial planning






PhD student, Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University
MA Summa Cum Laude Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University
Thesis: Housing Policy, Internal Migration and Women’s Employment: The case of Israel.
Advisor: Dr. Ravit Hananel.
BA, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE program), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



Academic Publications
Mann, Y. & Hananel, R. (forthcoming). Moving Away from Equality: The Impact of Planning and Housing Policy on Internal Migration and Women’s Employment in Israel, Progress in Planning
Mann, Y. & Hananel, R. (2020). Where are We Moving? Internal Migration and Women’s Employment in Israel, Heth Center for Regulation and Competition, College of Management (Hebrew)
Other Publications
Mann, Y. (2019). We’ll be Back with Nightfall: Mothers and Fathers in the Israeli Workforce, Israel Women’s Network (Hebrew)
Mann, Y. (2018). The Right to Father: Recommendations for a New Parental Leave Policy, Israel Women’s Network (Hebrew)




March 2020 – present
Head of Social-Economic Policy Research, Berl Katznelson Foundation
Educational institution and Think Tank, advancing ideas and policies for social justice and democracy
- Leading policy research teams, in various social and economic issues
- Writing and publishing policy papers
- Lecturing to activist groups on poverty and inequality in Israel
2016 – 2020
Head of Labor Market Policies, Israel Women’s Network
Feminist advocacy NGO, focused on promoting public policy for gender equality
- Writing policy research and policy papers on women’s employment
- Heading the organization’s public and political activity on issues of women’s employment
2012 - 2016
Parliamentary Advisor to Chairperson of Meretz, MK Zehava Galon
- Responding to citizen appeals and enquiries.
- Writing legislation.
- Writing press releases, speeches and articles on all issues, including human rights, civil rights and economics.
- Working with government officials, Knesset legal staff and experts.
- Advising on economics, political economics, gender and social issues.
- Overseeing the writing of the Meretz Party platform for the 2013 and the 2015 elections, and co-writing the chapters on the rights of the Arab minority in Israel and on society and economy.
- Working on a day-to-day basis with all forms of communication media and new media.
2011 – 2012
Coordinator, Campus-Community Partnership
University based organization, promoting the mutual commitment of institutions of higher education and the community to act for social change and human rights in Israeli society.
- Managing the organisation’s budget, monitoring current expenses and project budgeting.
- Writing budget proposals for grant applications.
- Organizing seminars and study days.
2009 - 2011
Hebrew teacher at the “Orient Ulpan” in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem and at the Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School.




The Richard and Rhoda Goldman Scholarship
Grant for studies on gender and employment - Heth Center in the College of Management
Research grant from the Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University
Excellence scholarship for advanced degrees, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel Aviv University
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