Postdoc fellow: A cross-cultural study of the human gender mosaic

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Daphna Joel's lab
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Qualified applicants will have a doctorate in psychology, anthropology, geography, or a relevant social science discipline. Experience with cross-cultural studies, including working with nation-level information (gender-related and general), some degree of quantitative literacy, and knowledge of transnational feminist perspectives, are not essential but are considered an advantage.

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Research Description In the past decade I’ve described and tested the ‘mosaic’ hypothesis – the claim that sex/gender differences in the brain do not add-up consistently in individuals; rather, most brains comprise of both features that are more common in females and features that are more common in males. This is also true for human psychological characteristics – humans possess unique mosaics of feminine (more common in women compared to men) and masculine characteristics. Using the Gender Mosaic Questionnaire (GMQ; we are now creating a very large dataset of the answers of people from diverse populations around the world on a set of psychological and behavioral variables that show large sex/gender differences (the GMQ is available in 9 languages). The postdoctoral scholar will work on a project to map within-individual variability (i.e., mosaicism) in these set of variables as well as group-level differences in mosaicism and in sex/gender differences in gendered characteristics across intersecting variables, such as, country, age group, education, gender identity- and sexuality-based groups. Position Description The postdoctoral scholar will be responsible for the cross-cultural aspects of this study, including working closely with our statistician and with our collaborator, Dr. Nicole Else-Quest (Department of Women's & Gender Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), running the relevant analyses, supervising MA and BA students working on this project, and writing-up papers – all under the supervision of the PI, Daphna Joel. The postdoctoral scholar is also expected to be an active member of the lab, including spending at least three days a week in the lab and participating in the weekly lab meetings.


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חמישי, פברואר 16, 2023
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