Institute for Local Government: Professional Training and Seminars


The Institute has five main fields of operation: 


The Institute conducts varied training programs and seminars filling much needed knowledge gaps and providing capacity building for local government. Each program is tailored to the needs arising from the authorities. These include:

Training Program for New Councilors: The Program supports new councilors from all over the country in their first steps in the public arena, enriching their practical knowledge on municipal issues and providing them with pertinent skills. Two cohorts, approximately 45 participants in each, of first-time municipal council members have already graduated from this unique program.  

Seminar Series for Senior Officials of the Municipality of Tel-Aviv-Yafo: The Institute hosts quarterly seminars, tailored for Tel Aviv-Yafo’s senior officials. Each seminar focuses on a pertinent urban issue, presenting its different facets and highlighting new and innovative approaches for its management. 

Training Program for New Mayors of Arab Municipalities: Conducted in partnership with the Injaz Center for the Promotion of Arab Local Government in Israel, this program introduces significant urban management issues to 35 new Arab mayors, elected in Israel’s last municipal elections. Topics covered include management and budget, planning and construction and economic development.   

Additional seminars:  These are held regularly and open to all municipal leaders interested. Each seminar focuses on one issue, such as municipal taxes, metropolitan policies, transparency in local government, smart cities and more.


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