• Expose students to a variety of disciplinary viewpoints to global migration, such as the legal, cultural, economic, and socio-political approaches.
  • Provide a comprehensive look into global and local issues of migration and an in-depth understanding of the key issues animating current debates on migration.
  • Introduce students to cutting-edge theoretical perspectives and to a wide variety of research methodologies in the social sciences.
  • Familiarize students with professional work carried out in the field of migration. The internship component of the program enables students to gain hands-on experience in the field and specialize in areas of migration according to their personal preferences.
  • Immerse students in a diverse student body. The international orientation of the program provides a platform for knowledge acquisition and the convergence of experiences, fostering a unique and dynamic learning environment and forging social and professional networks.
  • Facilitate student exchanges. Students in the program can participate in a semester abroad in one of the several exchange programs at universities abroad affiliated with TAU.
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