Program Requirements


Required (15 hours)

  • Theories of International Migration
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Quantitative Research Methods
  • Theories of Identity in the Context of Migration
  • Comparative Migration and Citizenship Regimes

**Thesis workshop-required for thesis track 


Seminar (8 hours)

  • Workshop: Migration and Civil Society
  • Seminar: Attitudes Towards Immigrants
  • Citizenship As Status: Practice and Identity* ***


Elective* (13 hours)

  • Forced Migration and the Humanitarian System
  • European Politics and Migration
  • Legal and Ethical Perspectives on Refugees
  • Global Middle Class

Total 36 hours


*Partial list of elective courses.Elective courses can change

**For thesis students, the thesis workshop will replace an elective course

*** Can be taken as a 4-hour elective course




Students with a GPA of 85 or higher after completion of their second semester courses qualify for the thesis track. Interested students will apply to the thesis track at the end of the first year. Students need to establish an available faculty member as a supervisor, and approve his/her topic with this advisor.


Students must complete all 36 credit hours in order to graduate. Students who do not write a thesis will take a cumulative exam, worth 10% of the final grade. For students who write a thesis, the thesis will count for 30% of the final grade.

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