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Mandatory courses (12 hours)

1092.4001.01  Sustainable Development - The Big Picture (3 hours)

A global perspective on the main questions and challenges of sustainable development, covering technological, economic and environmental dimensions.

1092.4002.01 Cultural and psychological dimensions of behavior change

Adopting new habits, novel ways of functioning, and innovative technologies strongly depend on cultural differences, ways of thinking, and belief systems. Students will learn how to assess, chart, and guide the process of change based on system theory, positive psychology, and theory of change.

1092.4003.01 Human, Society and Sustainable Development

A series of multi-disciplinary guest lectures covering institutional, sociological, cultural, legal, and other dimensions of societal transitions.

1092.4006.01 Social entrepreneurship for Sustainable development (2 hours)

The course will train students in the practical aspects of project design and implementation in low-income settings. During the seminar, students will work in teams to design fieldwork around interventions and solutions studied in the fall-applied seminar. Topics will include entrepreneurship, project finance (including micro-finance), business models, monitoring and evaluation, working with communities, sustainability, and scalability.

1092.4007.01 ​Quantitative Research Methods and Program Evaluation  (3 hours)

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