Coller Startup Competition - Foodtech

14 בדצמבר 2021, 19:00 
אירוע וירטואלי 
Alternative protein startups meets students, 14/12/2021

Hear about the Future of Foodtech, followed by 5 pitches of Foodtech startups looking for you!


  • Millennium FoodTech -Yossi Halevy - VP of Business Development
  • Kinoko-Tech - Dr. Jasmin Ravid - CEO
  • Alfred’s - Marina Kirjner Matana - CTO
  • Flying Spark - Eran Gronich - Founder & CEO &
  •  Limor Ben Yosef  -    Director of Global HR
  • Greenonyx - Meital Sela - HR Business Partner

The event will be held in Hebrew and online (Zoom)

 Part I.   19:00-19:45

  • Opening introductions & brief about Coller Startup Competition - Dr. Eyal Benjamin-Head of Entrepreneurial Projects - Coller Institute of Ventures.
  • Careers today in Foodtech/Alternative Protein Ventures -Ilanit Kabessa Chair of the Foodtech track-Coller Startup Competition.
  • Pitches by 4 startups & 1 investor - description of their startup and VC's main area of business/product.


Part II. 19:45-20:30

  • Breakout rooms with the startups and VC firm (3 rounds, each 15 min)!
  • Speakers will present and discuss the positions currently hiring, and their importance in the development of the startup/vc firm.      

Part III. 20:30- 20:45

  •     Final remarks & Q&A - Ilanit Kabessa & Panel.


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