Lecture: Towards a Sustainable Future for Water

16 במאי 2019, 14:00 - 15:30 
Room #201 | Naftali Building 
BMI Prize Laureate:  Dr. Peter H. Gleick,  Towards a Sustainable Future for Water  May 18 14:00 Room 201 Naftali Building

2019 BMI Prize Laureate

Dr. Peter H. Gleick,

Co-Founder and President Emeritus, The Pacific Institute for studies in Development, Environment and Security

Towards a Sustainable Future for Water



Immense challenges are associated with the sustainable management and use of freshwater. Rising populations and demand for food and services are putting growing pressures on limited freshwater resources. Overdraft of groundwater in many regions cannot be maintained. Ecosystems are being destroyed and degraded by human withdrawals or contamination of water. Violence associated with water access and water systems is on the rise. And human-caused climate changes are already clearly altering the hydrologic cycle. Yet there are glimmers of hope that solutions to each of these problems can be identified and put in place. Dr. Peter Gleick, in his lecture at the Boris Mints Institute will describe what he calls the “soft path for water” – a transition to true sustainability for the world’s freshwater resources – and explore encouraging trends and examples from around the world from Israel to Singapore to California to Africa.

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