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Tel Aviv University, Israel


Ph.D. Candidate, Public Policy, submitted in March 2020.
Dissertation: “The Rise of New Radical Parties in Contemporary European Politics: Assessing How the New Radical Parties’ Mobilization Strategy Affects the Political Space.”
Committee: Prof. Itai Sened , Prof. Alberto Spektorowski and Prof. William Bianco .
M.A., Political Science, International Relations, June 2014.
Thesis: “The Quest for a “Legitimate” Enemy: Electoral Behavior of Populist Parties in Europe – evidence from Austria, the Netherlands and the UK.”
Advisor: Prof. Alberto Spektorowski
B.A., Political Science, 2008.




Umansky, Karen, Alberto Spektorowski, and Joel Busher. 2020. “Can Europe Recover from Its Latest Wave of Us-versus-Them Politics?” In European Studies: Past, Present, and Future, ed. Erik Jones. London: Agenda Publishers, Chapter 23. Forthcoming
Umansky, Karen, and Judith Kohlenberger. 2020. “Hunt or Be Hunted? The “Legitimate” Enemy Strategy of Radical Right Populist and Mainstream Parties - A Case Study of the 2017 Austrian General Election.” In The New European National Populism: Lessons for School Education, eds. Manfred Oberlechner, Reinhard Heinisch, and Patrick Duval. Forthcoming.
Umansky, Karen, Wolfgang Lutz, and Daniela Weber. 2019. “The Impact of Education and Age on Attitudes toward Immigration in Europe.” IIASA Working Paper. Laxenburg, Austria: WP-19-008
Umansky, Karen and Alberto Spektorowski. 2017. “From Notorious Anti-Europeans to Radical-Right Populists: Disillusionment with Democracy and What This Could Mean for European Solidarity.” In Solidarity in the European Union: Challenges and Perspectives, ed. Angelos Giannakopoulos. Tel Aviv: S. Daniel Abraham Center for International and Regional Studies of Tel Aviv University, 40-60.





Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, USA


(1) with Itai Sened – “While German Shepherds Were Sleeping: How Mainstream Parties Facilitated the Rise of the AfD in the 2017 German Election”; (2) with Judith Kohlenberger – “From Immigration to (Nature) Preservation: The Effect of the Shift in the FPÖ’s Position on the 2019 Austrian Parliamentary Election.”
(1) with Joel Lieske – “Why Trump Won in 2016 and What It Means for the Two-Party System”; (2) with Joel Lieske – “Making America Great Again: How the Trump Campaign Targeted a “Legitimate” Enemy to Win the Presidency.”
with Judith Kohlenberger – “Hunt or Be Hunted? The “Legitimate” Enemy Strategy of Radical Right Populist and Mainstream Parties - A Case Study of the 2017 Austrian General Election.”
with Itai Sened – “Should I Stay, or Should I Go? Analysis of British Party Politics that Led to Brexit.”


American Political Science Association (APSA), USA


2019, Washington, DC
with Joel Lieske – “How Trump Campaign Targeted a “Legitimate” Enemy to Win the Presidency.”
2018, Boston
with Joel Lieske – “Racial Diversity and the Changing Party Identifications of the American Voter.”


The Boris Mints Institute Annual Meeting (BMI)


2019, Rome
“New Radical Right Parties in European Politics: The Impact of NRPs’ Mobilization Strategy on the Sphere of Politics.”
2016, Helsinki
“Analysis of Populist Radical Narratives in British Party Politics that Led to Brexit.”


Council for European Studies (CES)


2018, Chicago
with Wolfgang Lutz and Daniela Weber – “Is the “Devil” as Black as He’s Painted? The Impact of the Political Discourse, Education and Age on Attitudes toward Immigration in Europe.”
2015, Paris
“Dimensions of the Political Space: Radical Right Parties’ Success and Impact on Public Policies.”



The Boris Mints Institute Fellowship Scholarship
The Dan David Prize Scholarship in the field “Defending Democracy”.



Young Scholars Summer Programm at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (Laxenburg, Austria) – this micro-level, panel, cross-sectional research examined the change in general, cultural and economic aspects of attitude toward immigration in 16 European countries between 2002 and 2014. It attempted to understand this change by evaluating the heterogeneity in the population and assessing the effects of education, age and cohort, while controlling for shifts in immigration rate.
Research Assistant to Prof. Uriel Abulof (a joint project of Princeton and Tel Aviv Universities) – the main aim of this project was to build a linguistic corpus of approximately 500,000,000 words, combined of articles referring to the Middle East, attained from Lexis-Nexis database, and analyze change of trends over the period of 35 years according to word frequencies, collocates and other discourse analysis techniques.




Department of Public Policy, Tel Aviv University


Teaching Assistant, course “Introduction to Public Policy”
Teaching Assistant, course “Leadership Seminar”


Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University


Teaching Assistant, course “Research Methods for B.A.”



MPSA – Midwest Political Science Association (member).
APSA – American Political Science Association (member).
CES – Council for European Studies (co-chair of Radicalism and Violence network).



SPSS, Stata, MS Office.



Project Manager, Prime Minister’s Office, Israel - the scope of my duties included responsibility for digital communication of several ministries as well as that of the Prime Minister’s Office.
Advisor to Spokesman, Turkel Committee, Israel – the major tasks of this position were to oversee the committee’s public relations, media reports and daily activities, as well as to advise and manage the website development process.
Public Relations Advisor to Minister, Ministry of the Minority Affairs, Israel – among other duties, I was responsible for the Minister’s public relations, as well as development and management of the Ministry’s online presence.
Advisor to City Council Candidate and Personal Campaign Manager, Israel – member of the municipal election strategy planning team and in charge of public relations.
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