The Boris Mints Institute 2020 Research Webinar Opening our 6 th Year of Activity

24 בספטמבר 2020, 16:00 
מכון בוריץ

Opening Statements
Dr. Boris Mints, BMI Founder and president
Prof. Itai Sened , Head of BMI and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences


New Horizons in Research for TAU International and Innovation in Teaching
Prof . Milette Shamir, TAU Vice President
Prof. Liat Kishon Rabin, Dean for Innovation in Teaching and Learning


Research Presentations: New Researchers and Graduating Fellows:
Psychological I nterventions for Promoting Intergroup Conflict Resolution
Dr. Boaz Hameiri , Department of Public Policy and The Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program

Outside Options in the Labor Market
Dr. Oren Danieli , School of Economics

The changing locus of lifespan inequality in the United States
Dr. Isaac Sasson , Department of Sociology and Anthropology

A new era of radical populism in European politics a challenge or an opportunity?
KarenUmansky , Ph.D., Graduating BMI Fellow

The conference will be held as a Zoom webinar 94562172849
For further details: https://

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